Our Approach

We are a group of people from all over the world who, like you, are sick of being sick of it. We come together to help and support each other in quitting and staying quit. Our name says it all: We Quit Drinking (WQD).

We are not addiction specialists, but we have enormous experience of what it is to struggle with alcohol. We have all been where you are today. We have no magic formula, no requirement that you acknowledge a higher power —some of us believe, many do not. Our strength is that we are a community - a community rooted in the commitment of us all to quitting and a genuine acceptance of each other. It is a community where there is no place for shame and no need for denial about drinking. A place where you are welcome.

How do we work? If you are in crisis, you can jump into our ‘Alcohol SOS’ for help. We cover major time zones and there is likely someone on hand at any time of day or night. If loneliness gnaws at you, there is a Chat facility. Your privacy is sacrosanct, and you can journal freely—without fear of reproach or comeback—unburden yourself and get positive feedback from others.

It is a powerful combination. It has saved many lives, many families and quite a few jobs. Why not give it a try? Join us now.


Next Steps...

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