Want to quit drinking?  We're here to help!

We are a group of people, from all walks of life and many different countries, united by a single decision—to quit drinking and to stay quit. We learnt the hard way that moderation does not work for us. Quitting altogether is our goal. Over the years, many of us have become friends. We visit the site to maintain our friendships, renew our commitment to sober living and, above all, to support newcomers who wish to quit. We have fun, share our troubles, exchange helpful resources, support each other as best we can and do whatever it takes not to drink.

We like to journal. In fact, we have found that journaling is a very valuable tool in quitting and rebuilding our lives. Writing a journal helps to keep us accountable, to chart our progress and to explore the reasons that brought us to drink in the first place, while reading the journals of others allows us to learn from their experience. It is also a simple way to meet and get to know people who have the same problem. Beyond that we are not committed exclusively to any single approach to quitting. Some of us use AA, many of us do not; some have been to rehab, many have not. We believe that the best method for anyone is ‘the one that works for me.’

You may be nervous and unsure. You may doubt that it is possible to quit at all. You may not be able to imagine a life without alcohol. If so, then know that we have begun just as you are now—that we all have experienced these same feelings. Know too that you will be welcomed, not judged. We are open to all who share our goal and want to quit drinking.

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